As a young grow up company we are proud to have successful projects and being the partners for various clients from different background and institution in Indonesia and worldwide. since 2011 we have succesfully installed over 260 units of Electronic load controller In Indonesia and abroad ranging from 3-150 kW with total installed capacity of about 5 MW. Our ELC being used in Sumatera, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, Papua and all other island all over Indonesia. We have also deliver our ELC to South Africa, Kenya, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Phillipines, Ethiopia and other countries.

Besides ELC Supply, we have completed various projects during the time from feasibilty study, supply of MHP equipments, training, installation and many more. following is our examples projects we have been involved and completed from 2011-2013.


ELC 2x150 kW, MHP Malinau, East Kalimantan             ELC 1x150 kW MHP Berau, East Kalimantan                   kWh metering for 44 MHP sites, GIZ Indonesia


Over 80 units of ELCs, Green PNPM Project,Indonesia   ELC for 90 kW MHP ,Turkey                                          Water to wire projects ,75 kW Pelton turbine, Central Sulawesi,Indonesia                                                   

20 kW ELC+ballast load for GIZ Ethiopia                      Off grid 2 kWp Solar power, West Sulawesi, Indonesia    3 kW Pico Hydro unit for Palm oil plantation , Malaysia


Supply Over 25 Units Of ELC , Prowater Padang           Training on control system, P3TEK ESDM, Indonesia      Feasibility Study for 20 kW MHP, East java, Indonesia