With our experiences, resources and extensive networks we can support you with the services for your project in small hydro power utilization and renewable energy implementation. We provide following services:

1. Survey, planning and design (feasibility study) of MHP
Initial development of a small hydro project such as reconnaissance visit, flow and head measurement, topographic and demographic survey and detailed engineering design and budgeting.

2. Rehabilitation of MHP
Replacement and upgrading works of the abandoned, damaged or inefficient small hydro power operation to optimize the output and efficient operation of the plant. Rehabilitation can be civil structures, mechanical & electrical, or transmission system.


3. Installation and commissioning of MHP
Installation of equipments at site followed with running test and commissioning to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the plant.



4. Training and consultation
In cooperation with leading technical institution and experts we provide the training on micro hydro power aspect. Such as feasibility study, control system, turbine manufacturing, operation and maintenance and other technical issues


5. Project implementation (water to wire)
We can do project implementation of small hydro project from water to wire solution. We can do from survey, design, construction and implementation.